Over the eons of civilization,the society has identified itself as a representation of change, continually trying to achieve utopia. It has graduated from the ranks of the establishment of social ethics,the confluence of cultural values and the attempts to create a stable present. Times stands testimony to the fact that divides arise out of inequality and insecurity it represents. Shri Jagannath Chetana being assimilated with different faiths and beliefs is the hope and ray of light that seems best suited to dispel this darkness of ignorance and can pave the way in establishing world peace and harmony in preaching the essence of "Unity in Diversity" which basically reflects in it.
Marga Darshak
Central Executive Body
State Executive Body
All Members List

Central office:

Radhaballava Matha, Infront of Gundicha
Temple, Saradhabali, Puri-752 002,
Odisha, India
E-mail: shrijagannatha.chetana@gmail.com

Contact Persons

Sri Rabindranath Pratihari
Secretary General
Phone: (06752)-230906
Mob: 9861455248

D. Karunakar Pradhan
Secretary Oganisation

Sri Santosh Ku. Patra
Secretary Planning & Co-ordination
Email: skpatra2003@yahoo.com

Sri Purnachandra Gochhikar
Secretary Administration & Project
Mob:- 9861087212
Email: pcgochhikar@rediffmail.com

Sri Harekrushna Pratihari (Madhu)
Public Ralation Co-ordinator
Mob:- 9437030796
Email: pratiharimadhu@yahoo.com


State Committee:

Mahant Sri Ramkrushna Das Maharaj
President :- 9938374043
Sri Sudarshan Nayak I.A.S(Retd.)
Secretary :- 9437962883

Eastern Zone
Mahant KrushnaGopal Das
President :- 9437203864
Email: krushna-g@yahoo.com
Sri Saroj Ku Mishra
Secretary :- 9437023540
Email: sarojmishra07@rediffmail.com
Northern Zone
Sri Padmanav Sahu
President :- 9437218608
Email:- abkhatua@yahoo.com
Sri Satyanarayan Kar
Secretary :-9861871123/9853114666
Western Zone
Sri Dilip Kar
President :-9437047999
Email: dilip_universal@rediffmail.com
Sri Chintamani Das
Secretary :- 9861076825
SouthWestern Zone
Sri Krushna ch. Panigrahi
President :- 9338004622
Email: kcpanigrahy@gmail.com
Sri Radheshyam Panda
Secretary :- 9178150544
Email: radheshyam.panda2@gmail.com
Southern Zone
Sri Panchanan Choudhury
President :- 9861048844/9040811011
Mahant Sri Harihar Das
Secretary :-9938687542