Over the eons of civilization,the society has identified itself as a representation of change, continually trying to achieve utopia. It has graduated from the ranks of the establishment of social ethics,the confluence of cultural values and the attempts to create a stable present. Times stands testimony to the fact that divides arise out of inequality and insecurity it represents. Shri Jagannath Chetana being assimilated with different faiths and beliefs is the hope and ray of light that seems best suited to dispel this darkness of ignorance and can pave the way in establishing world peace and harmony in preaching the essence of "Unity in Diversity" which basically reflects in it.
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         Sri Jagannath Chetana Gavesana Pratisthan is functioning as a pioneer organisation in bringing-out many unexplored truths relating to Sri Jagannath Chetana through conducting different seminars/workshops. The outcome of the seminars being edited by a distinguished editorial board, have been published as a step forward to achieve its objective. The following publications are addition to the credit of the Pratisthan .
The books published by the Pratisthan
1) Shri Darubrahmanka Seva Parampara O Sankhipta Puja Bidhi
2) Purushottam Masa O Shri Jagannatha Chetana
3) Shri Jagannatha Chetana Re Gandharbkala
4) Shri Jagannatha Chetana Sahanti Ra Swaralipi
5) Atibadi Parampara O Sadhanapeetha
6) Shrikhetrara Mahodadhi 'O' Swargdwar
7) Uresha Barnan
8) Shri Purushottam Khetrara Chakratritha
9) Dashavtar Tatwa O Shri Jagannatha
10) Bharat ra Vaishnav Dhara re Sri Jagannatha