Over the eons of civilization,the society has identified itself as a representation of change, continually trying to achieve utopia. It has graduated from the ranks of the establishment of social ethics,the confluence of cultural values and the attempts to create a stable present. Times stands testimony to the fact that divides arise out of inequality and insecurity it represents. Shri Jagannath Chetana being assimilated with different faiths and beliefs is the hope and ray of light that seems best suited to dispel this darkness of ignorance and can pave the way in establishing world peace and harmony in preaching the essence of "Unity in Diversity" which basically reflects in it.
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What is the primary objective of this website, Jagannath Chetana?


The primary objective of this website is to spread the consciousness of Lord Jagannath. Jagannath Chetana is a conglomerate of Jagannath followers spread all over the world. Through this website, primary information about the Lord and about his rituals, festivals etc. are made available.
(2) Who are the torchbearers of Jagannath Chetana ?
Ans:Shri Jagannatha Chetana Gavesana Pratisthana’ has been formed comprising of a few torch bearers of Shri Jagannatha Temple Managing Committee, senior administrators of the Central & State cadre alongwith some retired officials, ex-vice-chancellors of the universities, researchers, historians, learned personalities, literary authorities, senior servitors of the Srimandir as well as officials, skilled organizers & other celebrated citizens of the society.