Over the eons of civilization,the society has identified itself as a representation of change, continually trying to achieve utopia. It has graduated from the ranks of the establishment of social ethics,the confluence of cultural values and the attempts to create a stable present. Times stands testimony to the fact that divides arise out of inequality and insecurity it represents. Shri Jagannath Chetana being assimilated with different faiths and beliefs is the hope and ray of light that seems best suited to dispel this darkness of ignorance and can pave the way in establishing world peace and harmony in preaching the essence of "Unity in Diversity" which basically reflects in it.
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Puri variously known as Srikhetra, Sankha Khetra, Nilachala, Purusottam Khetra, Nilagiri etc. has acclaimed as one of the most fascinating religious centre amoung the Hindu pantheon, as the abode of Holy Trinity i e. Lord Jagannath, Balavadra and Devi Subhadra.
         The religious sanctity of Puri has been descriptively glorified in many Sanskrit literatures like Skanda Purana, Bramha purana, Padma Purana, Narada Purana, Kapila Samhita, Bamadeva Samhita, Niladrimohodaya and many more. The following are some excerption of Sanskrit texts on the glory of the Kehtra- .
         “Gangayam cha jale muktih
         Varanasyam jale sthale
         Jale sthale chantariksye
         Muktih Sri Purusottame”
         Skanda Purana-
         Purusottamakashyaan Sumahta Ksetram
         Yatraste Darabatanu Sriso Manusalilaya
         Darsanad Muktida Sakshyat
         Sarbatirtha Phalapradam
         Kapila Samhita-
         Sarbesam chaiba Debanam
         Raja Sri Purusottam
         Sarbesam chaiba Ksetranam
         Raja Sri Purusottam
Lord Jagannath, the Presiding Deity of Puri evokes profound faith and devotion in the heart and mind of millions all over India. It seems to have capacity to nurture to all kinds of human beings with divergent sects. It is mostly regarded as the insignia and the principal salvation centre of humanism that centuries have not been able to reduce His greatness in changing time and have not made its importance any way lesser. The history of assimilation and adjustment with different Philosophies like Tribalism, Monism, Dualism and Polytheism give it a unique character incomparable to any system of thought and Philosophy. Thus, the primitive folk cult of tree worship, Propagation of tantrism, the contemplative approach of Buddhism, the Universal tolerance of Jainism, Comprehensive religion of Vedantism etc are found in it. Even Vedas have accepted Lord Jagannath as the Supreme God which is also revealed from the Mahapurusha Vidya by Maharshi Vedabyasa. Hence no exclusive religious sect could contain Him.
         It is really unique to see that at one pedestal the representatives of three main consciousness of Hindism Shiva, Vishnu and Sakti are representated by Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra. Such religious integration and co-existence only can find in Shri Jagannath Chetana and no one can be able to be conclusive this mystery which continue from remote past that history could not reckon.
         Not only the Idol of Lord and its existence but also their complex ritual system are far away for knowledge hunting scholars to reach its origin and the intrinsic quality in its traditional system are still continuing amidst it has witnessed the Vagaries of history.
*** Jay Jagannatha ***