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Aims & Objectives

  • 01. To expand Shri Jagannatha consciousness in the state,national & international sphere and establish it's branch offices.
  • 02. To have communication with the individuala & the institutions engaged in the expansion of Shri Jagannatha consciousness in various fields & levels.
  • 03. To impart training & ensure co-ordination pertaining to the worship & rituals of Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannatha at Shrikshetra with other Shri Jagannatha temples in the State,Country & abroad.
  • 04. To provide co-operation to the researches in the field of Shri Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
  • 05. To provide incentive, recognition & pay ovation to the individuals, institutions with notable achievements in the field of Shri Jagannatha Chetana & Indian philosophy.
  • 06. To establish a Grand Central Library & research institute for conducting research in the field of Shri Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
  • 07. To publish research treaties, periodicals & journals on Shri Jagannatha consciousness, Indian Philosophy & oriental sources.
  • 08. To collect, conserve & publish various palm leaves inscriptions, books & old treatises upon the unpublished aspects of Shri Jagannatha consciousness.
  • 09. To arrange workshops, seminars, exhibitions on Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
  • 10. To strive for development and expansion of traditional art & architecture & ancient heritage of organisation.
  • 11. To create ‘circle-art’ for expansion of Shri Jagannatha consciousness and edit & conserve various data in audio-video & digital electronic media.
  • 12. To provide financial assistance to the persons comming under economically weaker section for medical treatment.
  • 13. To extend scholarship to the meritious students.

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