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Shri Jagannatha Chetana Gavesana Pratisthana
Regd.No.23027/34 of 2009-2010 exempted u/s 80 G(5)(VI) of IT Act,1961

Jay Shri Jagannath

For millions of Indians Odisha is known as the land of Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath. Sri Jagannath Chetana in the context of the history of Odisha,the ritual practice and the festivals observed in the temple are matter of thorough research to bring out many unexplored aspects.The study reveals a harmonius blending of diverse thoughts and philosophies merging into the indivisible concept i.e Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath. Since Sri Jagannath Chetana embraces all facts of world religions and faith there is historical necessity of popularising this for a healthy emotional integration of human society.

Keeping this in view, Sri Jagannath Chetana Gavesana Pratisthan, a national level organisation has been established at puri with a galaxy of leading elite persons in different fields of the society. The pratisthan will endeavour to collect,preserve and take up the original study of both historical and puranic records with a view to establish the basic character of cultural synthesis of Jagannath Chetana at this juncture of time when human society is fragmented in the basis of religion and communal consideration.

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