Over the eons of civilization,the society has identified itself as a representation of change, continually trying to achieve utopia. It has graduated from the ranks of the establishment of social ethics,the confluence of cultural values and the attempts to create a stable present. Times stands testimony to the fact that divides arise out of inequality and insecurity it represents. Shri Jagannatha Chetana being assimilated with different faiths and beliefs is the hope and ray of light that seems best suited to dispel this darkness of ignorance and can pave the way in establishing world peace and harmony in preaching the essence of "Unity in Diversity" which basically reflects in it.
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Shri Jagannatha Chetana Gavesana Pratisthana
Regd.No.23027/34 of 2009-2010 exempted u/s 80 G(5)(VI) of IT Act,1961
         For millions of Indians Odisha is known as the land of Lord Jagannatha. Sri Jagannatha Chetana in the context of the history of Odisha,the ritual practice and the festivals observed in the temple are matter of thorough research to bring out many unexplored aspects.The study reveals a harmonius blending of diverse thoughts and philosophies merging into the indivisible concept i.e Lord Jagannatha. Since Sri Jagannatha Chetana embraces all facts of world religions and faith there is historical necessity of popularising this for a healthy emotional integration of human society.
         Keeping this in view,Sri Jagannatha Chetana Gavesana Pratisthan, a national level organisation has been established at puri with a galaxy of leading elite persons in different fields of the society. The pratisthan will endeavour to collect,preserve and take up the original study of both historical and puranic records with a view to establish the basic character of cultural synthesis of Jagannatha Chetana at this juncture of time when human society is fragmented in the basis of religion and communal consideration.
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Aims & Objectives Of Shri Jagannatha Chetana Gavesana Pratisthana

 01. To expand Shri Jagannatha consciousness in the state,national & international sphere and establish it's branch offices.

 02. To have communication with the individuala & the institutions engaged in the expansion of Shri Jagannatha consciousness in various fields & levels.
 03. To impart training & ensure co-ordination pertaining to the worship & rituals of Lord Jagannatha at Shrikshetra with other Shri Jagannatha temples in the State,Country & abroad.
 04. To provide co-operation to the researches in the field of Shri Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
 05. To provide incentive, recognition & pay ovation to the individuals, institutions with notable achievements in the field of Shri Jagannatha Chetana & Indian philosophy.
 06. To establish a Grand Central Library & research institute for conducting research in the field of Shri Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
 07. To publish research treaties, periodicals & journals on Shri Jagannatha consciousness, Indian Philosophy & oriental sources.
 08. To collect, conserve & publish various palm leaves inscriptions, books & old treatises upon the unpublished aspects of Shri Jagannatha consciousness.
 09. To arrange workshops, seminars, exhibitions on Jagannatha consciousness & Indian philosophy.
 10. To strive for development and expansion of traditional art & architecture & ancient heritage of organisation.
 11. To create ‘circle-art’ for expansion of Shri Jagannatha consciousness and edit & conserve various data in audio-video & digital electronic media.
 12. To provide financial assistance to the persons comming under economically weaker section for medical treatment.
 13. To extend scholarship to the meritious students.
         Let us join hands for expansion of Shri Jagannatha consciousness in shape of extending all co-operations to such noble cause by sanctifying ourselves with the blessings of the Lord Shri Jagannatha bestowed upon us.
*** Jay Jagannatha ***